"Sebar" le dernier single de DARAA TRIBES

Introducing SEBAR, the second single from our debut album IGHARMAN.

This video is dedicated to all the nomads still roaming throughout the Sahara. Special thanks to Ottman Oukhouya and Brahim Aqermim, as well as the Association of Communication for Culture and Art in Tagounite.

Sound Production by Anmoun Studios and Joel Ghivalla.

Video Production by Thomas Duncan

Label and Distribution by In Ze Box

سهرت الليل غاب النوم من عياني
رسمت بألوان لخص فيها زماني
ريح الصبر تتكلم بلساني
لازم نصبر نزيد نصبر لاش نعاني

I stayed up all night, sleep vanished from my eyes
I painted the story of my life through colors
The wind of patience speaks through my voice:
Keep patient and preserve in our suffering

Special Thanks to Brahim Aqermim
and Sahara Sunrise Organization
and to Ottman Oukhouya

listen "Sebar"

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