DARAA TRIBES - Tribal fusion & Blues music from the Saharan Oasis


Daraa Tribes : Blues music & Tribal fusion from the Sahara

Les jeunes membres de Daraa Tribes sont chacun de différentes tribus. Gnawa, Amazigh, Saharoua, Regaga, and Lkaaba tribes de la vallée du Draa.
La musique de Daraa Tribes fusionne les musiques tribales ancestrales de cette vallée, avec un groove saharien spécifique de la ville de Tagounite (une oasis au cœur du Sahara marocain), et un son moderne de guitare saturée, une ligne de basse puissante et la voix de Balchir, un chanteur charismatique.


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interview from Music Time In Africa (VOA-Washington US)

Concert au festival Taragalte 2016

Yogi Biha - first single of the new album IGHARMAN

La musique traditionnelle "Chamra" de la tribu sahraouie est pratiquée dans le désert du Sahara depuis des siècles. Les groupes nomades arabes qui constituent le peuple sahraoui se sont depuis installés dans divers coins du désert, y compris dans la vallée du Daraa. Yogi Biha est l'une des chansons de Chamra soigneusement transmises de génération en génération.

The "Chamra" music tradition of the Sahraoui tribe has been played throughout the Sahara desert for centuries.The Arab nomadic groups that make up the Sahraoui people have since settled in various corners of the desert, including within the Daraa River Valley.
Yogi Biha is one of the Chamra songs carefully passed down from generation to generation.

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IGHARMAN is the first album of Daraa Tribes


IGHARMAN (قصور), “Villages”, est le premier album de Daraa Tribes, qui rend hommage au patrimoine culturel de la vallée du Daraa dans le désert du Sahara au Maroc. C'est une expression de la diversité tribale et des paysages sonores qui se trouvent dans les villages répartis dans les oasis de la vallée de la rivière Daraa.

IGHARMAN (قصور), “Villages”, is Daraa Tribes' debut full-length album, which pays homage to the cultural heritage of the Daraa River Valley in the Sahara desert of Morocco. It is an expression of the tribal diversity and soundscapes that lie within the villages spread throughout the oases of the Daraa River Valley.

 EP Alwan


The demo "Alwan" EP is Daraa Tribes first expression of the diversity that unites them and influences their music. “Alwan” means “Colors” in English and is a reference to the diverse  ethnic makeup of the band and of the Daraa River Valley, and also a reflection of the various tribal styles that can be heard in their music. "Alwan" relies heavily on and often fuses Gnawan and Saharoui vocal and percussive styles, overlaying them with the sound of modern Saharan Blues electric guitar.

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Lila, "Night", is a Saharan dance song, falling back on Saharaoui percussion and vocal styles."Lila" tells the story of preparing to go out for the night - whether to a tribal wedding or to spend a night in the desert under the stars - passing the night with music and dancing.

"Raoud", meaning "Thunder", fuses tribal lyric styles with modern Saharan Blues song composition. The lyrics can best be described as a love letter to rain, typical of tribal traditions in the Sahara, and calls for the sound of thunder to roll over the desert mountains, bringing rain with it and provinding life to all living things in the desert.

سهرت الليل غاب النوم من عياني
رسمت بألوان لخص فيها زماني
ريح الصبر تتكلم بلساني
لازم نصبر نزيد نصبر لاش نعاني
"I stayed up all night, sleep vanished from my eyes
I painted the story of my life through colors
The wind of patience speaks through my voice:
Keep patient and preserve in our suffering"
Special Thanks to Brahim Aqermim
and Sahara Sunrise Organization
and to Ottman Oukhouya
Recording,videography and production: Thomas Duncan
Mixing: Joël Ghivalla
Label and Distribution by In Ze Box

"Lila" on Music Makers (VOA-Washington US)

acoustic with Bombino